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Focused and experienced, we do what we know well and deliver results.


We are constantly evolving, never stagnant, and drive ongoing improvement for ourselves to enhance the experience for others.

Find Happiness Within Your Career.

We all play a vital role in the success of others and that begins with YOU! We are passionate about people and that passion ignites our business. As we grow together, let us help you reach unlimited outcomes. You will create unparalleled opportunities for the talent we support.

Our team is saying…

During my two decades in marketing related roles for large staffing and recruiting firms, I observed what was done right and, more importantly, what was being done wrong. When I relocated from Houston to the mountains of Northern New Hampshire, I found myself also looking to change careers. That’s when I connected with the Summa team and realized that this was a chance to not only shift into a new career but also a chance to help correct a lot of what I saw wrong with the staffing industry. I’m now recruiting full-time and doing my part to bring the human element back into staffing in my own individual way – and doing it with a team I love from a place I love to live.

Adam Gould, Summa, Director of Talent

At Summa, I’ve found the perfect blend of professional fulfillment and personal growth. The reasons why I love working here are crystal clear: great leadership propels me towards success, our vibrant culture fosters camaraderie and resilience, and the unwavering transparency exemplifies integrity at its finest. Summa isn’t just a workplace; it’s a transformative journey where passion meets purpose.

Melissa Hopper, Summa, Director of Talent

In the realm of business, the true essence of fulfillment emerges when working with exceptional individuals towards a shared purpose. At Summa, I have the privilege of collaborating with great minds who not only excel in their fields but also possess a genuine passion for making a positive impact on others. Together, we unlock the potential to achieve remarkable results that forever shape lives, solidifying my deep admiration for this company and its unwavering commitment to creating lasting change.

Will Swallen, Summa, Director of Talent

At Summa, every day is a rewarding journey fueled by the joy of connecting talented individuals with life-changing opportunities. We thrive in an environment that celebrates collaboration, innovation, and the power of human potential. Witnessing the transformative impact our work has on both candidates and clients fills us with an indescribable sense of fulfillment. Here, we are not just recruiters; we are catalysts for dreams realized, careers elevated, and futures shaped. Joining our team means embracing a passion for unlocking doors and sculpting destinies, creating a meaningful ripple effect in the lives we touch. I love being a part of the Summa team because it empowers us to make a lasting impact, one person at a time.

Rafael Diaz, Summa, Senior Managing Director

Grow together with Summa.

At Summa, we believe the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work and love what you do. Your experience will help change how companies view hiring in the future and we empower you to make your mark within our industry.