Historical Perspective

There is a better way
The combination of three different models that drive business performance through workforce due diligence.

1. Screen in

Summa screens talented professionals into positions instead of screening them out.

Technology allows us to identify and source potential talent based upon background before they begin their job search. In some disciplines, Summa can help talent identify a career they many have never considered and find unexpected potential and long term satisfaction.

The future is now

Innovative intelligence was built by talent acquisition experts, PhDs, psychologists and university professors leading nationally ranked programs within Ivy league universities.

2. Outcome based assessments

Talent is not found on a resume.

Summa’s proprietary process measures 13 components across the company, department and internal employees or any desired combination. We then map results across 5 unique identifiers to create desired outcomes. Desired outcomes are then matched with incoming talent.

We include

  • 13 weeks of ongoing training focused on each component.
  • Optimal interview preparation and guidelines

We offer additional development around 6 components

  • Leadership assessment
  • Succession planning
  • Team building
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Conflict resolution tools
  • Career development
3. Talent modeling & Mapping

White glove personalized experience conducted with a trained facilitator.

Our subject matter experts analyze results and prepare reports containing results, recommendations and future predictors or modeling. In addition ot all the 13 components captured in our outcome-based assessment process, we measure both internal and incoming talents personality characteristics, cognitive abilities, executive level judgement and decision making and how each person works within a specific environment.

Maximize the Value of your Workforce.

Talent management rarely happens naturally, and we are crazy smart when it comes to talent. Effective talent management processes are directly related to increasing performance, output, and a more engaged workforce.

Drive performance throughout your organization and gain a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring the right talent, based on how your teams are currently performing and how you want them to perform in the future.

Derived from the largest companies in the world, built for those aspiring to be.