Summa Staffing Technologies, LLC (Summa) is excited to announce that in addition to the Direct Hire Surge model we launched in August of 2023, we are launching the logical extension of that model which includes payroll and contract services. Our groundbreaking fee schedule is specifically tailored to start-ups and small to medium-sized companies. Surge leverages cutting-edge technology and elite recruiting talent to provide our client partners with affordable solutions offering efficient access to top talent and opportunities to streamline talent acquisition processes.

Summa’s Surge program was designed to revolutionize the way companies think about engaging external talent acquisition support. With a focus on delivering exceptional service and accelerated fill times, Surge’s new extended fee schedule delivers cost-effective solutions ranging from 15% for Payroll Services and 25% for all Contract and/or Temporary positions.

We continue offering our client partners the expertise of former in-house talent acquisition experts who have successfully built corporate talent programs within Fortune 500 companies at a fraction of the traditional cost. As a result, Summa clients can access top-tier talent at a price point that accelerates organizational development during critical growth stages.

Brent Wiltz, President of Summa, emphasized their commitment to addressing the challenges faced by businesses in finding and hiring top talent. “Staffing solutions are viewed as a luxury today and they should be. They are too expensive in our current market dynamics. Instead, we want our partners to think strategically about hiring talent,” says Wiltz. ” The days of spending enormous amounts of money applied towards staffing solutions are gone. Companies no longer face the tough decision between unfilled key roles or significant cash outlays. With Surge, they can onboard critical talent and redirect savings to overall growth of the company. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we get it.”

Summa boasts a proven track record of delivering high-quality staffing solutions across 22 of the 24 industry groups and 41 labor categories. Set apart by an unwavering focus on exceptional service and the cultivation of long-term relationships with clients, Summa is dedicated to helping businesses flourish by delivering an 87% fill ratio while aligning talent to fuel successful growth.

David Toups, Senior Vice President, Pipe & Tube Supplies, LLC, highlighted the transformative impact of our discounted fees: “At first, I had doubts about staffing companies due to cost concerns. However, Summa’s remarkable speed in finding a candidate, combined with their invaluable support, transformed our hiring process. The professional they located had an instant, positive impact on our revenue, enabling us to expand further. Thanks to Summa, we saved 40% and grew our business. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration among small businesses.”

About Summa

At Summa, we are more than just a leading staffing firm. We are a collective of former in-house talent acquisition experts who excel in moving talent forward and connecting great individuals with thriving companies. Our comprehensive mission revolves around empowering people to achieve greater success while driving remarkable business results for our customers. We celebrate our differences and embrace the passion for strengthening the workforce within the communities we represent.

Layered into Surge is the Summa “Community Profit Sharing” program. Summa believes in making a positive impact beyond their talent and clients, and through this unique initiative, 5% of every Direct Hire Placement fee is reinvested in the communities where they operate through charitable gifts. Made in the name of the client partners themselves, these gifts strengthen the fabric of the communities they

To learn more about Summa Staffing Technologies and our innovative Surge program, please visit our website or contact our sales team directly. Together, we can unleash the power of talent and shape a brighter future for your organization and the communities in which it does business.

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